smart home bundle

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1 x another day™ bio-active fabric freshener (100ml)

1 x all-purpose bio-active cleaner (500ml)

2 x all-purpose cloths

1 x purifying soap (100g)

1 x bio-active pillowcase (standard size)

here are our 5 steps towards setting a new sustainability standard in home care


we carefully select our supply chains to minimise our CO2 and plastic emissions.

from solar energy to ECOCERT-approved ingredients, all of our labs and manufacturing partners run sustainable practices


we collaborate with climate scientists to calculate our end-to-end CO2 footprint.


we offset the end-to-end CO2 emissions of each product.

we offset CO2 through projects certified by Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standard (CCBS).


every byMATTER product contributes towards exceptional biodiversity conservation projects.

byMATTER has sponsored the conservation of 278,600 m2 of rainforest in the Madre de Dios region in Peru.


byMATTER donates 1% of all its revenues to the Planet. all proceeds go to Climate Science, a uk charity that makes climate science education accessible to students and teachers around the world.

bio-active pillowcase

sleep on Collagen

bio-active pillowcase made from Seacell™ and enriched with Collagen.  designed to maximise skin nourishment and regeneration during sleep.

standard / queen pillowcase with envelope closure.

🔋 nourish skin and hair

💎 Collagen fabric technology

🔒 skin cell defence

another day™ bio-active fabric freshener (100ml)


a bio-active formula designed to clean fabrics and clothes (without a full wash cycle)

fragrance: eucalyptus & lavender

💧 instantly cleans all fabrics

💦 dry wash clothes

🎯 eliminate odours

✨ no harsh chemicals

all-purpose bio-active cleaner (500ml)

for clean surfaces

a bio-active all purpose cleaner engineered to deliver a microscopic deep clean.

fragrance: eucalyptus & lavender

🎯 actively cleans surfaces for up to 3 days

👼  kind to little ones

✨ no harsh chemicals

2 x all-purpose cloths

bye bye microplastic

long-lasting cloths engineered for extraordinary liquid absorption and streak-free cleaning.

💧 exceptional liquid absorption

🌱 plastic-free

♻️ 100% compostable

purifying soap (100g)

clean hands + body

the bio-active ingredients work to clean and gently exfoliate the skin, leaving it purified and cleansed. 

Bentonite Clay is naturally rich in essential minerals which work to rejuvenate and brighten the skin’s outer layer.

fragrance: lavender, bergamot and cedarwood 

💧 purify

💥 exfoliate

✨ rejuvenate


Smart Home Bundle

cO2 negative  conscious packaging   no harsh chemicals

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