radical sustainability

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a new sustainability standard

our purpose is to positively contribute towards solving the climate crisis.

our five steps towards setting a new sustainability standard in home care:

(1) avoid and limit emissions

supply chains of the future

we carefully select our supply chains to minimise our CO2 and plastic emissions.

from using solar energy to including ECOCERT-approved ingredients, all of our labs and manufacturing partners run sustainable practices.

we avoid plastic packaging where possible. when we have to use plastic we include post-consumer recycled plastics and then off-set our plastic footprint.

in our packaging we mainly glass and aluminium because both have much higher actual recycling rates than plastic and can be infinitely recycled.

(2) calculate emissions

end-to-end CO2

we collaborate with climate scientists to calculate our products end-to-end CO2 footprint.

we use the latest CO2 accounting standards to measure the CO2 emissions for each segment of a product lifecycle:

1. raw materials and packaging

2. manufacturing process (including electricity and heating usage) and logistics

3. distribution and storage

4. end of life

we then add up the CO2 for each segment to calculate the end-to-end product CO2 emission

(3) offset emissions

CO2 negative

our products are certified climate neutral because we offset their end-to-end CO2 emissions using certified CO2 offsetting projects.

but we want to take climate neutrality a step further.

every byMATTER product is CO2 negative because it offsets 2x the CO2 it emits. so for every one tonne of CO2 we emit, we take two tonnes out of the atmosphere.

we sequester CO2 through projects certified by Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standard (CCBS).

next generation cleaning

we've worked with environmental scientists to calculate and offset the full carbon footprint of our products

(4) protect biodiversity

preserving biodiversity on Earth

byMATTER has sponsored the conservation of 278,600 square meters of rainforest in the Madre de Dios region in Peru.

this area is the Amazon’s capital of biodiversity. it is home to some of the world’s rarest wildlife which needs our protection from illegal deforestation.

every byMATTER product contributes towards exceptional biodiversity conservation projects.

(5) educate the next generation

1% for the Planet

byMATTER donates 1% of all its revenues to the Planet.

all proceeds go to Climate Science, a charity based in the UK that makes climate science education accessible to students and teachers around the world.

this commitment is over and above the contribution we make towards the conservation of biodiversity and our CO2 off-setting programme.

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