Revamp Your Style: A Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Wardrobe for a Fresh Start

Revamp Your Style: A Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Wardrobe for a Fresh Start

Posted by Holly Gardner on

Ready to refresh your style? Dive into our ultimate wardrobe cleanse. 

In this guide, we'll walk you through every step of the process of Spring Cleaning your wardrobe, from decluttering to organizing, ensuring that your wardrobe is both functional and stylish. Say goodbye to wardrobe overwhelm and hello to a closet that works for you!


1. Prepare

A. Put on a music playlist. Click here to try our Cleaning Playlist on Spotify!

B. Prepare storage boxes/containers. 


2. Clear

(A) Take everything out the wardrobe.

(B) Lay it all out where you can see it.


3. Evaluate

Analyse each item:

(1) Fit: is it still the right size for you? Too big/small?

(2) Condition: are there any stains/tears/damage?

(3) Style: does it still match your current taste?


4. Organize:

Sort items into 4 piles:

(1) Donate/Sell: Items that no longer serve you.

(2) To be repaired: Items that are damaged.

(3) To be cleaned: Items marked, stained or dirty.

(4) Ready for storage: Items ready for next year.

Then organize by categories:

    A. Group similar items together, such as tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, etc.
    B. Within each category, further organize by colour or type for easier access.
    5. Clean:
    (1) Wipe closet with a bio-active All-Purpose Cleaner.
    (2) Add lavender sachets to hangers.
    (3) Dry clean clothes with Another Day Bio-Active Freshener.

    (4) Put the “To be cleaned” items in the wash.


    6. Store
    (1) Ensure clothes are clean before storing away.
    (2) Put jackets, blazers & smart dresses into zipped bags.
    (3) Fold sweaters/jerseys & put into a zipped storage bag.
    (4) Use a lavender spray, this repels moths.
    Admire your newly organized wardrobe and enjoy the sense of accomplishment! Reward yourself for completing the task.

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