Refresh your wardrobe without buying anything new

Refresh your wardrobe without buying anything new

Posted by Holly Gardner on

As a new season begins, it's natural to crave a wardrobe refresh. But have you considered the environmental and financial cost of buying new clothes? Fortunately, there are ways to revive your existing wardrobe without spending a penny or harming the planet.

Here are some easy tips to refresh your wardrobe without buying anything new:

1. Get Organized: Start by sorting through your wardrobe and creating piles of clothes that you love, those that need some love, and those that no longer serve you. Then, organize your clothes according to color or style, so you can easily see what you have. 

2. Mix and Match: Instead of trying to reinvent your wardrobe from scratch, experiment with new outfit combinations. This can be as simple as layering a turtleneck under a sundress or adding a belt to an oversized shirt. You could also try pairing bold prints with neutral basics for a modern twist.

TIP: use Whering, an app that digitizes your wardrobe and helps you to plan your outfits.  

3. Alterations: Tailoring the clothes you already own can also breathe new life into them. Fixing buttons, hems, or taking in a dress can make a piece look brand new again. 

TIP: use Sojo to tailor, alter and repair your clothes. They collect and deliver straight to your door!

4. Clean: Another Day is a bio-active fabric freshener that targets odour-causing bacteria and eliminates odours. Spray on clothes that need a refresh, and dry wash without going to the dry cleaner or using the washing machine. 

Refreshing your wardrobe has never been easier, and you don't have to break the bank or harm the planet in the process. So, instead of shopping for new clothes, try mixing and matching, alterations, and using Another Day Fabric Freshener to revamp your old favourites.

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