the products in our home matter

the products we clean with, we wash with and sleep in impact our health and the wellbeing of our loved ones. 

at byMATTER we upgrade the products in our homes to not only perform better at a microscopic level, but also support our health and well-being.


mat•ter   mæte   /mAtUH/


to have weight, to have importance.


the material substance that constitutes the observable universe and, together with energy, forms the basis of all phenomena.


matter derives from māter, the Latin word for mother. Planet Earth is mother to us all, and it is our duty to protect Her.


smart cleaning for modern homes


we work with the best product designers across London, New York and Berlin to design products that look beautiful and fit within your home aesthetic.


we work with the best scientists and specialists that are at the forefront of the home care industry. together we are rethinking each product to completely revolutionize what a fabric freshener could do, what a pillowcase could be, what an all purpose cleaner could deliver. 


sustainability is a major driver for byMATTER. for us radical sustainability is not about boasting credentials or putting green leaves on our packaging. for us, it is about doing. about being rather than appearing sustainable. that is why we use recycled materials in our packaging. that is why we select our ingredients meticulously. this is why we have been carbon negative from the start, so for each tonne of CO2 we have emitted, we have taken 2 tonnes out of the atmosphere.


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