Mastering the Art of a Weekly Cleaning Checklist: A Quick Guide

Mastering the Art of a Weekly Cleaning Checklist: A Quick Guide

Posted by Holly Gardner on

Let's be honest - we all want a "put together" home that is clean, tidy and organised. Cleaning doesn't have to be a daunting. The trick is to have weekly cleaning checklist that can help to tackle room by room. Let's break down the essential steps to help you achieve a sparkling home - day by day.

Start with a Plan: Begin by outlining a weekly cleaning routine that suits your lifestyle. Assign specific tasks to each day of the week, ensuring a balanced distribution of chores. This not only makes cleaning more manageable but also ensures that no area is neglected.

We have created a daily checklist that you can use, or that you can work off: 

Weekly Cleaning Checklist

Every Day: Spend 10 minutes wiping surfaces/counters, decluttering common areas and making sure those dirty dishes have been washed.

Monday: Bathroom.

Kick off the week by focusing on bathrooms. Give your bathrooms a spa-worthy touch by scrubbing surfaces, fixtures, and replacing towels. A clean and fresh bathroom provides a pleasant start (and end) to your day.

Tuesday: Laundry Room. 

Wash, dry, and fold clothes, iron as needed, and organize your dirty and clean laundry. 

Wednesday: Kitchen.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Wipe down countertops, clean appliances, and clean the sink and take out the trash. Regular up-keep ensures that this high-traffic area both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Thursday: Bedrooms.

Create a serene sleeping environment by changing bed sheets, vacuuming carpets, and dusting bedroom furniture. A clutter-free space promotes relaxation, contributing to a more restful night's sleep and a happy wake-up. 

Friday: Living Spaces.

Finish the week by tackling common areas. Dust shelves, furniture, and decorative items to create a fresh and inviting atmosphere. Vacuum or mop the floors to eliminate dirt and debris.


Vacuum and mop floors in each room. Dust & wipe lights / fans and clean windows & window sills.

By breaking tasks into manageable daily routines, you'll find that the process becomes second nature, leaving you with more time to enjoy the comfort and serenity of your beautifully kept home.

Embrace the art of cleaning as a means of self-care, turning your living space into a haven you're proud to call your own.

Happy cleaning!

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